About Us

500x500 mlv logoThe Mount Lowe Volunteers (aka The Scenic Mount Lowe Railway Historical Committee) formed in 1992 with the expressed desire to preserve the remnants of the Mount Lowe Railway, including its structures and numerous artifacts. Under the authority of the Angeles National Forest, we work alongside countless volunteers who dedicate themselves in maintaining the rich historical significance of Mount Lowe.

Our projects have included rebuilding Inspiration Point, rebuilding Dawn Mine Station, maintaining trails/structures, installing signs and artifacts throughout Mount Lowe and much more.

It is our endeavor to preserve what is left of this famous attraction and share it with the world.

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Mount Lowe Volunteers timeline

Volunteer group formed in 1992
February 1993 | Helicopter lifted bull wheel up to Echo Mountain
July 4, 1993 | Held a centennial at Echo Mountain
November 1995 | Held a centennial at Alpine Tavern
1996 | Re-built the pavilion at Inspiration Point
1996 | Re-built the Dawn Station structure
1998 | Installed interpretive signs from Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point


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