July 18, 1997 | Taking measurements on Mount Lowe

On Friday evening, Ron, Brian and Lee, went up to the top of Mount Lowe to take measurements and check the materials. Brian Marcroft and Lee Zebold took measurements of the pipe structure on the peak of Mount Lowe for a future Boy Scout project. The viewing tube shown below is pointing toward Harvard Mountain and the picture next to it is of a young hiker from the 1900's, these viewing tubes are pointing toward San Gabriel Peak and Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio). We will be making improvements to the viewing tubes on Mount Lowe so they look as good as the viewing tubes on Inspiration Point. The viewing tubes at Inspiration Point were fixed last month by Boy Scouts from Troops 207 & 98 from Fullerton while doing their "Eagle" project.


January 1997 |Moving the armature to Echo Mountain

When the remnants at Echo Mountain were dynamited in the early 60's, many things were blown or thrown over the side. We surveyed these hill sides throughout the years and found many interesting artifacts. One day we found this armature half way down the hillside. It is estimated to weigh over 500 pounds. It took several volunteers to help move this artifact carefully through the narrow trail. It was finally placed next to the wheel sets and snow plow at Echo Mountain.