June 28, 2003 | Painting Mount Lowe structures

Today's project included painting the Dawn Station, the Inspiration Point pavilion and the picnic structure. We typically have a big turn out for a project of this size, however due to summer vacation and previous obligations our group was an energetic group of 7. Plus, we had 3 special guests who are descendants of Professor Lowe come help with maintenance, Joe Hall, Stephanie Bethel and Lisa Bethel. As John Harrigan led the way we begun and completed our work all in one day.

April 12, 2003 | Removing debris from the fire road

Brian, Kevin and Bruce C.  were up the hill on the upper road trying to pull on the tree to lift it off the telephone lines.  I scrambled up the tree roots and cut the last remaining snag most of the way through.  The guys up the hill could not budge it so I gave it a good pull with the old truck and brought it down.  We dragged all the pieces up the hill to the tennis courts and nailed them all down where the bikers were going down.  (We've been having trouble with mountain bikes destroying the terrain)  With a fence post driven in the middle of their runs, I think we will have slowed them down. Sam has some big pine trees on a job he is clearing and he will cut them into trailer length pieces for me to take up and deposit around the edge of the tennis court area. - John Harrigan