October 30, 2004 | Clearing the fire road

Oh brother, after a week full of storms we had to do a lot of clearing and get the fire road passage ready for our annual December event up to Inspiration Point. Here are some photos from our road clearing work party. We want to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to the mountain bikers we assisted in moving the last rock off the road.

If you would like to join out next work party, please join our FaceBook page "Mount Lowe Volunteers". Today we met up at 8:00am and were able to travel near the Alpine Tavern campground. We completed our clean up at 12:30pm.



March 27, 2004 | The Chain Gang work party

A few of the picnic tables had been moved from its original location and thrown over the side of the mountain so today's work party involved securing the picnic tables with chains so they could not be vandalized a second time. 

On our journey up the fire road we occasionally find big rocks that have slid down the mountainside and we have to move them before we can continue, its a great way to work on our strength and endurance.

The Reservoir next to the Observatory was full of debris from mudslides so we took the time to clean it out.  Thank you to all that volunteered.



January 10, 2004 | Retrieving the two wheels

We drove up to the Cape of Good hope and hiked toward Echo Mountain and descended the steep mountain (about a 40% grade) to retreive the 2 wheels that had been in the stream bed at the bottom of the canyon for decades.

As you can tell by the pictures, the task of pulling these wheels required a lot of physical strength as they were extremely heavy. The process took several hours and required the use of ropes, pulleys and a hand truck. However, we were finally able to bring them both up to the top of the Echo Mountain hotel site.

Photo contributions by Ron Jasinski, Bruce Chubbuck and Brian Marcroft