August 2005 | Historical Mapping

This doctoral excavation project was supported by the Forest Service and led by Stacey Lynn Camp of Stanford University with the goal of identifying historical artifacts left on the Mount Lowe site by workers over the decades. These artifacts will be available for display at our annual Mount Lowe Excursion events.

You may view Stacey's work published in "Society for California Archaeology Newsletter" (scahome.org):
 (pages 29-32)



April 30, 2005 | Removing fallen rocks from the Trail

Work Crew:
John Harrigan, Guy Kuhn, Stephnie Bethel,Terry Bethel, Kyle Bethel, Lisa Churchi V, Mike Makshanoff, Joe Hall, Chris Sneed, Becky Anderson, Josh Anderson and Brian Marcroft

Occasionally heavy rocks fall on the fire road throughout the year which prevents emergency vehicles from making the trip up. Our volunteer group is dedicated to the safety of our forest and the remains of Mount Lowe so we make it our priority to keep these trails and roads clear from debris as quickly as possible.

This collapse of rocks occurred near the top of the fire road that leads toward the tunnel for Mount Wilson from the Alpine Tavern. Thank you to all that participated in the cleanup.



January 29, 2005 | Mud/Rock slide debris removal

We had a good turn out of volunteers on this day. The sun was out, no rain, and although fairly cold, we had a great day. We were only able to travel a short distance up the fire road as landslides abounded. Finally we were forced to stop at a great slide that was beyond our work crew abilities. So we had to hike the rest of the way in.

Photos by John Harrigan, Johanna Turner and Brian Marcroft



January 8, 2005 | Surveying mudslides from the storm

Many have heard of the torrential rain storms we have been experiencing in the last several weeks here in southern California. On January 8, 2005, in the rain, Brian Marcroft braved a sojourn to the mountain all alone. He wanted to see, among other things, how well things stood up in the deluge after fixing some of the drainage areas back on 12/11/04. 

Afterwards Brian met up with fellow volunteer Robert Wilde as the Altadena Historical