November 2, 2013 | Repairing signs

This is what happens to men who work too long as volunteers...they get old and tired looking.

 While we were working on the Mount Lowe East trail the sheriff department helicopter dropped off (repelled down on ropes) two paramedics near Inspiration Point.  The helicopter then set down on the old Mount Lowe Alpine Tavern tennis courts. We were parked near there. We drove out to inspiration point to see if we could assist.

There was a man there that they were treating. He was a hiker who apparently collapsed on the trail.  We ended up driving the paramedics and patient back to the tennis court area for their flight to Huntington Memorial.  This saved them the trouble of having to hoist the man in a liter basket and the rescue guys while the helicopter hovered overhead.

At first the man appeared to be having heart problems but I think as we neared the helicopter the paramedics thought that it might be exhaustion.

Shortly thereafter the man was airlifted to safety, thank goodness for the rescue team.



August 6, 2013 | Rock splitting

Rock slides are common on the trails and when heavy boulders fall and block the fire road we immediately need to remove it. This process is time consuming and requires a lot of patience and energy. Today was a hot summer day and 4 volunteers made the trip up through the Echo Mountain trail to break apart and move this boulder.

Watch this timelapse video by Bryant Bohorquez of our work day:


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